Covid_19 - Phase 2

Oregon has entered Phase 2 of reopening. The following documents layout the guidelines for indoor and outdoor gatherings to assist with any plans that you may be considering. Please contact me for more information.

Angi Wildt - 541-961-1229

10/25/2020 Update

Phase 2 Reopening Venues

Highlights, parties are limited to 10 per party and they must be seated 6 feet from other parties. Masks must be worn, hand sanitiqer provided, signs posted about symptoms and such. 

The most tables that can be placed safely, 6 ft from each other is 8. You can't mix two different groups together to fill the table, so please keep this in mind when planning your guest list. 

100 is the cap for how many people can  be in the venue, including caterers, musicians and staff. We recommend 50 or less for social distancing. 

If you would like to reserve hoping that this will be lifted prior to your date, you are welcome to place a reservation. If a Covid related cancellation is necessary, you will be refunded the rental of the room minus credit card fees. 

If Covid limits the size of your guest list and you wish to cancel, you will also be refunded, minus credit card fees. 

You are welcome to reschedule without a fee if you would like to move your date into the future due to Covid restrictions. 

Checks and cash are accepted if you wish to avoid fees. 

We are all playing this by ear and hoping that we can gather easier soon. In the meantime, it is ok to plan and then be flexible with that plan depending on the state of things closer to your event. 

Contact Angi D Wildt with any questions or concerns. 

Call or Txt - 541-961-1229 

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